Rockvale Management College

In its 29 years of existence, Rockvale Academy has taken some giant steps to bridge the gap that exists in the field of education in the hills. One such step was the establishment of Rockvale Management College in 2012 which got its affiliation to the West Bengal University of Technology, the WBUT, the only technical university in West Bengal.



The basic objective of the University shall be to organize undergraduate courses of study in Engineering 
and Technology, especially in emerging areas. The university now affiliates 160 institutions spread over 
15 districts of the state of West Bengal.



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Tourism Management

Bachelor of  Computer Application

Bachelor of Business Administration


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  • BBA – 104 : ECONOMICS – I
    Course Contents
    1. Introduction : Basic problems of an economy; Working of price mechanism and Resource allocation.
    [2 L]
    2. Elasticity of Demand : Concept and measurement of elasticity of demand; Price, income and cross
    elasticities; Average revenue, marginal revenue, and elasticity of demand; Determinants of elasticity of
    demand. [4L]
    3. Production Function : Law of variable proportions; Iso-quants; Economic regions and optimum factor
    combination; Expansion path; Returns of scale; International and external economies and diseconomies;
    Ridge lines. [6L]
    4. Theory of Costs: Short-run and long-run cost curves – traditional and modern approaches. [4L]
    5. Market Structures : Market structures and business decision; Objectives of a business firm.
    (a) Perfect Competition : Profit maximization and equilibrium of firm and industry; Short-run and long
    run supply curves; Price and output determination. Practical applications. [4L]
    (b) Monopoly : Determination of Price under monopoly; Equillibrium of a firm; Comparison between
    perfect competition and monopoly; Multi-plant monopoly; Price discrimination. Practical applications.
    (c) Monopolistic Competition : Meaning and characteristics; Price and output determination under
    monopolistic competition; Product differentiations; Selling costs; Comparison with perfect competition;
    Excess capacity under monopolistic competition. [4L]
    (d) Oligopoly : Characteristics, indeterminate pricing and output; Classical models of oligopoly; Price
    leadership; Collusive oligopoly; Kinked demand curve. [4L]
    6. Factor Pricing – I : Marginal Productivity theory and demand for factors; Nature of supply of factor
    inputs; Determination of wage rates under perfect competition and monopoly; Exploitation of labor; Rent –
    concept; Ricardian and modern theories of rent; Quasi-rent. [4L]
    7. Factor Pricing – II : Interests – copncept and theories of interest; P